E3 2019

14 Jun 2019

The conferences for E3 2019 have been over for a few days now. Here are my thoughts:

Microsoft did well by showing off a lot of small games. Bethesda’s conference was quite possibly the worst E3 conference I’ve ever seen, as they showed nothing.

I didn’t get to watch the PC Gaming Show, but I am hoping that Planet Zoo is good.

Ubisoft was meh; the only thing I cared about was Watch Dogs Legions, which looks pretty good.

I don’t care about JRPGs, so I didn’t even bother watching Square Enix. That seems to have been a good call.

Nintendo apparently also did nothing that I care about.

So, overall, Microsoft was the only good conference and I am hoping that Planet Zoo and Watch Dogs Legions turn out to be good.

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