E3 2018 Review

14 Jun 2018

Here is a review of this year’s E3 conferences (that I watched). Here we go:


EA’s conference was pretty horrible. The only thing shown that I have any interest in is Battlefield V. There was a new Star Wars game (Jedi: Fallen Order made by Respawn) announced, the new and horrible Battlefront II (not the 2005 or so classic) is getting the Clone Wars, Unravel Two, some indie thing, a “Command & Conquer” mobile game, and Anthem were talked about. The “Command & Conquer” mobile game looked so generic and I honestly don’t care. I enjoy RTS games, and have enjoyed some C&C games, but that looked horrible. I would like to congratulate EA on killing yet another series.


Microsoft’s conference was great, nothing particularly memorable as I’m writing this, but they did what they needed to do to survive: Show a huge number of games. Overall, the best conference of E3.


Bethesda’s conference was a massive disappointment. The only redeeming feature of it was the skit of Skyrim on Alexa, which was quite entertaining. Fallout 76 was shown, and announced to be multiplayer. It has been announced that it also has microtransactions, so I no longer care. They talked about a few mobile games and announced Elder Scrolls 6 and some space RPG that I forgot the name of. It was dissappointing, but not absolutely horrible.

Square Enix

Square Enix announced one thing that I care about: Just Cause 4. It looks great and I hope it fixed all the issues I had with 3. I can’t remember what else they talked about, but I don’t think anything else looked particularly interesting to me.


Ubisoft’s conference was their generic conference, with Just Dance, Assassin’s Creed, and the like. They announced a new Trials game, Trials Rising. I think that’s the majority of what they announced.


Oh god, the Sony conference was horrible. They spent 20 minutes on one game, Last of Us Part 2, and had people move between areas between announcements. Last of Us Part 2 and Spider-Man whatever number looked alright, but I’m not going to go out and buy a PS4 just for those. We still know nothing about Hideo Kajima’s new game, even though we got a long trailer for it.


Nintendo’s conference was also just generic. They talked about Smash, but nothing too memorable.


  1. Microsoft
  2. Square Enix
  3. Ubisoft
  4. Nintendo
  5. Sony
  6. Bethesda
  7. EA

There were other conferences, but I couldn’t be bothered to watch them. Also, sorry for missing about a week of comics, I forgot to post again. I’m an extremely responsible individual /s.

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