15 Mar 2018

So, Factorio is a game. A very, very good one at that. And I do realize that now that I have mentioned Factorio, some of your eyes have started twitching due to withdrawal. Genuinely though, it is fantastic. It is one of only two games that I have broken 100 hours on according to Steam, excluding Warframe, which glitched out. The other game is Hearts of Iron IV, which is also fantastic. Prison Architect is in 3rd place with 95 hours played. It is fantastic. Finding out how to build up a base, how to optimize it, how to get materials between points, etc. is fantastic. It is one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I have ever had. However, it is the video game equivalent of heroin, meaning it is extremely addicting. Just go to the Factorio subreddit or the Steam reviews and you will hear that from many of the people there. It is the best Early Access game I have ever played possibly is the best Early Access game ever. According to Steam DB, it is the second best rated game on Steam, only after Portal 2 and above Witcher 3. I will stop gushing now, but, seriously, go buy it and play it or, at the very least, download the demo, which is available on the game’s website and Steam.

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