Medieval II: Total War Review

04 Jan 2018

So, I bough Medieval II a while ago, since I finished the Brutii campaign in Rome: Total War and enjoyed it. But, I’m not enjoying Medieval II as much and I think I know why: the religion system is annoying. It isn’t annoying in its entirety, the Crusade system is very nice, but I just wind up annoyed at the Pope, and have now gotten to the point in my campaign where, when my faction is excommunicated, I just go murder the Pope. This undoes the excommunication and seems to have no consequences. I also seem to have managed to completely bug out the cardinals, as there are currently only three seats occupied. I am nine hours into my playthrough according to Steam, and I control all of central Europe, Scandinavia, the Adriatic coast, and most of France, Italy, and the Middle East, along with having Tunis. None of the factions in the world can do anything to me at this point, unless they decided to all band together, and even then I would still have a good chance. Compare that to Rome: Total War where for about 15 hours, most factions were still a threat to me. I personally feel that Medieval II is a good game, probably around a 7 on my scale, but worse than Rome: Total War.

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